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The TON Blockchain Contest

By Nice Llama Team

About Us
We like experimenting with different blockchains. We always monitor new blockchain ideas appearing on the market and want to know what each new concept has to offer. However, we do not stop at reading the whitepaper. Rather, we prefer to build something practical on a blockchain to see how it actually performs and get the true first-hand experience.
This is why we were so excited to take part in the TON Blockchain Contest — an event inviting developers to build functioning products on TON blockchain launched by Telegram, a popular messaging platform.

The requirement was to build one or two smart contracts or decentralized services

We decided to use this opportunity to the max and build two products which we submitted. This exercise allowed us to feel what TON blockchain is like and make our opinion on it. Having worked on the contest tasks, Nice Llama, a team from Adoriasoft can say that the TON team delivered on its promise.


Lead Blockchain Java Developer


Computer Science & Blockchain


CEO & Founder

Based on our experience, we can say that TON is:


Of course, right now it does not support the “millions of transactions per second” that the whitepaper describes but it is fast enough to host a functioning decentralized service.


Our team managed to create the required products using the TON blockchain functionality. While working with a completely new language (TON uses its own programming languages, Fift and FunC) is a bit of a challenge, we achieved the goals we set.


Telegram is already a popular messenger with 200 million users. The platform can leverage its existing brand recognition to attract users to the blockchain-based products.

Our TON Contest projects

1. ERC20 tokens ported
to TON blockchain

We decided to illustrate the capabilities of the TON blockchain through building a smart contract for issuing fungible ERC20 tokens. The smart contract can be easily modified to support a token sale, too.

The advantages of the TON blockchain transform into a higher efficiency of the smart contracts built on top of it. The resulting product supports fast and cost-effective transaction processing with the potential of making TON the platform of choice for developing tokenization solutions.


Token name and symbol

Token decimals

Multiple networks with cross-transfers

Ready to use with lite-client

Optionally Name, Ticker, Description, Decimals. Required to add tokens Amount.

Does not spend gas to get balance

Spend gas (TON Grams) to interact with contract

Approve allows other contracts to interact with tokens and spend tokens on behalf of the user

2. Ring-signature based mixer

This solution strengthens the security of blockchain transactions by detaching the sender from the recipient and increases the users’ privacy. Such measures can protect users from cybercriminals and make their transactions safer.

Besides the primary goal of this project, this exercise also allowed to showcase the flexible capabilities of the TON blockchain. It supports implementing custom algorithms and complex logic to create truly unique products.


RSA on FunC

Ring signatures on FunC

Prepare contract offchain

Process withdrawals onchain

Who we are

Adoriasoft is a team of engineers with a primary focus on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

Adoriasoft team has been developing software solutions for a decade and actively operating in the DLT space for 3 years. We are professional engineers, software developers, and researchers committed to make distributed ledger technologies work for businesses – from startups to enterprises. We can build blockchain networks from scratch, integrate blockchain into existing infrastructures, and consult on blockchain specifics and best practices. In all cases, our solutions are as functional and effective as they can possibly get.

We develop software based on the deep knowledge of product evolution phases – from an MVP release to the creation of a fully-functioning solution. At the same time, we always monitor the technology trends and follow the industry news to see what businesses expect from software nowadays and how technology can meet their expectations.